Justice referendum, the majority of those who vote Lega abstained: desertion from the polls between 49% and 59% depending on the questions

There majority of the League votersdespite the party being part of the promoting committee, it chose not to vote for the referendum on justice of 12 June, which ended with the lowest turnout ever (under 21%). To say it is a survey carried out by Swg on a sample of three thousand voters, which shows that the absolute majority of those who vote Lega did not express themselves on three out of five questions: limitation of precautionary measures (59%), repeal of the Severino decree (57%) and vote of lawyers in judicial councils (50%). In the other two cases, the majority of abstainers are relative: 49% of the Carroccio voters did not vote both in the question on signatures to run for the CSM and on the separation of functions (in the first case 42% voted yes and 9% voted no, in the second 43% voted yes and 8% no).

As for the electorates of the other parties, those who voted least are the voters 5 stars And Pdwho abstained in variable percentages between 73% and 80% depending on the questions. But the percentage of desertion of the polls among those who vote is also very high Come on Italy (a party that also declared itself in favor of referendums): 68% to the question about Severino, 70% to the one on the vote of the lawyers, 71% to that on precautionary measures, 73% to that on the separation of duties, 74% to that on signatures for the CSM. The voters of Brothers of Italy (who had declared herself opposed to the questions on precautionary measures and Severino, who was in favor of the other three) instead abstained between 60% and 62% depending on the questions.

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