Justice referendum – Hidden signatures, botched or useless questions and a boomerang campaign: thus we arrived at the worst result ever. And in the night of defeat Salvini runs away (again)

There is a way and way to lose. And this is one of the worst. The cavalcade launched over a year ago, with great trumpet blasts, by the Lega and the Radical Party to reform justice in the polls – counting on popular indignation triggered by the Palamara case – gives birth to the referendum less attended than ever: just the 18.8%a fact that worsens further five points the previous negative record (23.3% at the consultation on the electoral law in 2009). The quorum of 50% of the voters plus one, necessary for the validity of the vote, remains at a sidereal distance, much greater than that (already large) that the polls hypothesized. According to data updated at 02:00 on Monday, the worst result is the question on the separation of functions of the magistrates, which collects the 18.85%; the 18.86% instead expressed himself on what he wanted to prohibit the application of precautionary measures due to the risk of repetition of the crime, the 18.90% on the abolition of the 25 signatures to apply for the CSM, the 18.92% on the repeal of Severino decree. The most popular – so to speak – is the most technical referendum, the one on the vote of lawyers in the judicial councils, which collects the 18.94%.

A large percentage of no – And that’s not all, because a good part of those who went to the polls – say the final figures – did to vote no. The opponents exceed 40% on the questions on precautionary measures and Severino (respectively 41.74% and 43.99% at the time of writing) and settle over 20% on the other three. In fact, therefore, only one in ten Italians – that is, five million out of the 51 entitled to vote – voted to repeal the anti-corruption decree of 2012 and reopen the doors to final convicts in Parliament, the government and local administrations, or to prevent judges from applying precautionary measures for the risk of repetition of crimes non-violent (thus saving white-collar workers, thieves and drug dealers). While the other three referendums were completely rejecting for the common citizen: just think that the question on the separation of functions was long 7,500 charactersan entire page of the newspaper, while most of the voters are (understandably) fasting on judicial advice and technicalities for candidacies for the High Council of the Judiciary.

The defeat of the League – The result is a fool in particular for the League and for Matteo Salviniwho in the name of the anti-magistrate fury has destroyed years of proclamations on safety and prison for street crimes: the secretary has even reached the paradox of celebrating the precautionary measures applied to the alleged drug dealers Pillar of Bologna (including the family of the famous “intercom” in January 2020) without realizing, or worse by maliciously hiding, that if his referendum had passed those same people would have remained on the loose. With this debacle, the Northern League confirms that he has completely lost the “magic touch”Which, until a few years ago, allowed him to intercept the moods of the country like an antenna: his face will remain associated with an incomprehensible and confused initiative. And not even at no cost: it has been calculated that the election day on the entire national territory costs around four hundred million of Euro. Considering that about a fifth of the voters – nine million out of 46 – would still have been called to vote for the municipal elections (but with slightly lower costs), the State disbursement for the five referendums can be estimated over three hundred million.

The phantom signature collection – The campaign, on the other hand, was born under one bad star. Despite the initial enthusiasm, since last summer the promoters had had to collect the partial forfeit of Giorgia Meloniwho had unmarked Brothers of Italy from the questions on precautionary measures and Severino, defined as “sons more of the legitimate radical culture than of the national right”: “Safety and fight against corruption they are values non-negotiable“, He had scanned. Now Salvini’s deputy, Andrea Crippa, is also angry with her: “There has been some support from Berlusconi and Forza Italia, from other parties the silence was rather deafening“, He attacks. On the signatures, then, a veil of mystery remained: the promoting committee says it has “more than four million“(Between 700 and 750 thousand for each question), but no one has ever seen them, because in the middle of the collection Salvini preferred to have the questions voted by the” friendly “regional councils (those with a center-right majority) and never deposited popular subscriptions, provoking the anger of the Radical Party. To completely cripple the momentum, then he thought about it Constitutional Courtdeclaring illegitimate – last February – the most popular question of the original six, the one on direct civil liability of the magistrates, in addition to the two of the Coscioni association on euthanasia and cannabis who would have guaranteed the towing effect.

Salvini’s flat rate (and conspiracy theory) – From that moment Salvini gradually begins to detach from the cause, to the point of ignoring it completely for months. And those politicians who – unlike him – really hold on to referendums, even though they are not part of the promoting committee, realize this: “It seems that they no longer care”, commented Emma Bonino coldly. When the desertion begins to get a little too blatant, here is the U-turn: the Northern League announces a “general mobilization” on TV with “hundreds of gazebos throughout Italy to report on referendums “(never seen before) and begins to report one every day allegedcensorship“Of the media inquiries. Next to him the former minister Roberto Calderoli who – having rediscovered himself as a convinced guarantor – even launched a hunger strike of Panellian memory, and now speaks openly of a “plot“In order not to reach the quorum. On the evening of the defeat, however, the secretary abandon ship again: “Matteo Salvini (who is out of town with his daughter) is expected tomorrow for the federal council and the urgent meeting on the economic situation”, the press office of the Lega said. “Thanks to the ten million Italians who have chosen to vote to change justice”, the Captain merely tweets. And his hubs remain to analyze the defeat.

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