Justice League: Jeremy Irons non ha visto la Snyder Cut "but it can’t be worse than the previous one"

Jeremy Irons is not outspoken in rejecting the version of Justice League released in theaters, but confesses that he has not yet seen the new version of Zack Snyder.

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La star Jeremy Irons has not yet seen Zack Snyder’s Justice League because he fears it is worse than the version of the cinecomic released in cinemas in 2017.

Justice League: an image from the footage of Comic-Con 2017

“I think I have it and I haven’t seen it. I’ll have to look for it and see if it is somewhere online or on a DVD. I remember talking to Zack before he did and I was very interested to see what he came up with. Not it may be worse than the previous one “ the English star told Variety.

Jeremy Irons made his debut as Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler and ally, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He then reprized the role in Justice League, but doesn’t seem too eager to spend four hours watching Zack Snyder’s new cut.

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One thing on which Irons seems quite determined, however, is the poor judgment on the version of Justice League released in theaters in 2017, after Joss Whedon took over from Zack Snyder, a version unanimously rejected by critics and audiences. After years of fan appeals and a long campaign aimed at Warner Bros. in which all the stars of the film participated, the studio was convinced to entrust an additional budget to Zack Snyder to allow him to conclude his version, Zack Snyder’s Justice League. , streaming output.

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