‘Justice League’: Executive Responds to Whether the Snyderverse Will Be DELETED in ‘The Flash’

Recently, a ComicBook insider revealed that ‘The Flash‘ would change the entire DC Universe as we know it, replacing Batman and Superman (played by Ben Affleck e Henry Cavill) pela Batgirl (Leslie Grace) and by Supergirl (Sasha Street) – forming a new ‘Justice League‘.

After the rumours, Greg Silverman, a former executive at Warner Bros., argued that Zack Snyder and your movies will not be erased.

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“I couldn’t agree more that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman were acclaimed films. I’ve always suspected that Zack’s kindness, openness, and enthusiasm created an environment for critics to underestimate his work. Because he was a humble, accessible, decent human, he didn’t fit the mold of an author. Shit. It must be the opposite.”

Although recent rumors indicate that the upcoming solo film ‘The Flash‘ will not be part of the Snyderverse, the star Ezra Miller also refuted speculation, saying that nothing can erase Snyder’s great work.

The news was shared by him in a private conversation on Instagram, which was replicated by a Reddit user. At the time, he clarified this great doubt.

Check out the snippet of the conversation:

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“Fans are going crazy thinking the movie erases Zack’s movies. They don’t see the potential this movie will bring.”

“No power or force of any megaverse could or could ever erase the great work of Zack Snyder. You can take that quote. Take that information to banks, the press, schools, the army and other pillars of capitalism that I’m forgetting, because of this business where you try to think of a bunch of things, but you always end up forgetting one of them.”

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Check out the teaser:

Planned for November 04, 2022, the adaptation will show Barry Allen/Flash (Miller) traveling through time to stop his mother’s murder. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive…. but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League never existed and Barry must do everything to correct all its flaws.

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