"Just relax": Paris Hilton’s mom gives her baby tips

“Just relax”
Paris Hilton’s mother gives her baby tips

Paris Hilton has spoken publicly several times about wanting to have a baby with husband Carter Reum. So far, however, the desire to have children remains unfulfilled. Her mother Kathy Hilton hopes it will work out and has tips for her daughter.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum tied the knot in November 2021. The two 41-year-olds are apparently working hard to become parents. Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy has that now revealed in an interview with “E! News”.. But the couple faces difficulties. “It breaks my heart because I know she keeps trying,” said the 63-year-old, adding, “I always say, ‘Just relax.'” A lot of people struggle with that, “and it doesn’t just happen.”

Happy even without a baby: Paris Hilton and Carter Reum.

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But the two “are so happy,” Kathy Hilton assured. “They spent their first wedding anniversary at the carnival and they want to do it every year. They were like two kids, it was really sweet.” Paris Hilton and Carter Reum announced their engagement in February 2021, followed by a big dream wedding on November 11th.

Baby more important than money

Paris Hilton has spoken out about her desire to have children in the past. In the podcast “The Trend Reporter” she declared in January that she was trying artificial insemination. In June, the 41-year-old told then on the “Just for Variety” podcastthat she is now more interested in young people than in money.

Recently, however, another topic was in Paris Hilton’s focus anyway. She renewed allegations of abuse against a boarding school she attended for about a year in the late 1990s. She first made the allegations against the Provo Canyon School in Utah in September 2020 in her YouTube documentary “This Is Paris”. In February 2021, Hilton also testified against the facility in court.

She initially stated that she had been emotionally, physically and psychologically abused by school staff at the time. In a video for the “New York Times” and in several tweets, she finally became more specific in October and for the first time explicitly accused school staff of sexual abuse.

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