Just over 91,000 people received a second reminder against covid in Switzerland

Only 91,166 people in Switzerland, 60% of whom are over 80, received a second booster vaccine against Covid-19 as of August 1. The FOPH explains this situation in particular by the fact that vaccination activity is rather low in summer. A total of 54,686 people, aged 80 or over, have so far received a second reminder, the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) told Keystone-ATS. By way of comparison, more than 470,000 people are aged 80 or over in Switzerland.

A second booster is currently recommended by the FOPH and the Federal Commission for Vaccinations (CFV) for severely immunocompromised people and people over 80, but not for the population as a whole.

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The FOPH awaits the evaluation

According to the FOPH, it is not yet possible to assess whether the number of second booster vaccinations is high or not. Indeed, according to the FOPH spokesperson, the period since which vaccination boosters are possible for people over 80 is still relatively short. After the vaccination recommendation was published in early July, it took a while for the vaccines to actually be administered. In addition, vaccination activity is generally low in summer, according to the FOPH spokesperson.

Indeed, according to weekly figures from the FOPH, the number of vaccinations has also been stagnating for weeks. Just over 69% of the Swiss population is now fully vaccinated.

Asked whether a recommendation for the second booster was currently planned for other groups of people, the FOPH replied that the vaccination strategy for the fall was currently in preparation on the basis of the epidemiological situation and the available scientific information. If the situation were to change, the vaccination recommendation could intervene more quickly, writes the FOPH.

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