Just one more film: German Hollywood director Roland Emmerich announces the end of his career

As the “Master of Disaster” he provided spectacular blockbuster cinema for decades. Now Roland Emmerich has had enough. He just wanted to make one more movie.

He sent Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum into battle against alien invaders, marched Kurt Russell through the Stargate, gave Godzilla a CGI diet and reduced the world to rubble more than once: No wonder the most successful German director -Export Roland Emmerich is called the “Master of Disaster” in the USA.

But that should soon be over, because like the 67-year-old compared to the picture on sunday let it be known that he was planning to end his career soon. He only wanted to make one more film, one last – how could it be otherwise – disaster film. He wants to “shake people up” with it. The dimensions of climate change are already dramatic today and result in extreme weather and natural disasters such as droughts, forest fires, but also cold snaps and floods. This in turn has a direct impact on the habitat. According to an estimate of World Bank there could be over 143 million climate refugees by 2050.

This mass migration of climate refugees, who could no longer survive in their place of birth due to water shortages, hunger and heat, should be the subject of his last film. Because, according to the filmmaker, people only let themselves be shaken awake when they are “terribly afraid of something”. However, it will be another two or three years before that happens.

Most recently, however, Emmerich made a massive crash landing with his latest sci-fi disaster film Moonfall. Despite an all-star cast with Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson and the spectacle typical of Emmerich, “Moonfall” grossed just 59 million US dollars worldwide – the biggest flop of the cinema year and one of the biggest flops of all time. It is quite possible that this crash in Emmerich has moved something. If you’re in the mood for apocalypse movies, take a look at ours Video.

Roland Emmerich: The Swabian Spielbergle from Sindelfingen

Today, Roland Emmerich serves his own niche and has his own “title”, if you will. When he first started out, the filmmaker from the Sindelfingen area was often referred to as a Swabian Spielbergle, an allusion to the American star director Steven Spielberg. In fact, it was Spielberg’s sci-fi film Close Encounters of the Third Kind that would have a decisive influence on Emmerich’s further path, as he himself revealed via Twitter:

“When I saw Steven Spielberg’s ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ in a big movie theater in the late ’70s, something changed in me. From that moment on I wanted to be involved in exactly such films. It’s still my favorite film.”

Even during his time in Germany, his films such as “Noah’s Arch Principle” and “Moon 44” looked more like Hollywood productions aimed at an international audience. The call from Hollywood was not long in coming. After his baptism of fire with the action film “Universal Soldier” and the sci-fi adventure “Stargate”, Emmerich made his breakthrough with “Independence Day”.

A real Roland Emmerich insider tip: You can stream “Anonymus” via Amazon

Although Emmerich has been associated almost exclusively with this genre since the 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow, he has also delivered dramatic works with Anonymus and Stonewall. One can certainly be curious about Emmerich’s swan song.

Roland Emmerich’s great career began in the 1980s. How well do you know yourselves with this fantastic film decade? Test your knowledge:

80s Quiz: Can You Identify the Movies of the Decade From Just One Picture?

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