Just a week after Netflix launched, one of the biggest films of 2018 is now on Disney+

The competition wasn’t asleep: a few days after the Netflix launch, Disney+ is also adding an extremely popular film to its range.

One of the biggest rock bands of our time is given a high-energy biopic that stayed in the cinema charts in Germany for months. We’re talking about the Queen film “Bohemian Rhapsody”, which shows the rise of the band with frontman Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek) to the legendary Band Aid concert in the 1980s. The biopic was only included in the Netflix offer on April 1, 2022, on April 3 it even ran on German television on Sat.1 and now the memorable Queen Week continues: You can watch “Bohemian Rhapsody” since April 8 Also see April on Disney+.

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Even in the cinema, it was the musical performances that particularly stood out, with Queen songs like “We Will Rock You”, “Don’t Stop Me Now” and “Radio Gaga” still being catchy tunes today – from “Bohemian Rhapsody” catches the eye it’s best not to start at all. At the 2019 Oscars, the band was not only allowed to open the glamorous show, the biopic won four Academy Awards over the course of the evening – well-deserved for Rami Malek as Best Actor, among others. Other musician biopics were also convincing at the Oscars and our video tells you which genre representatives you should definitely have seen:

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In 2019, “Bohemian Rhapsody” was honored alongside Malek for Best Sound, Best Sound Editing and Best Editing. When it came to the latter of these prizes, however, opinions differed, as one scene in particular was criticized for showing too many and unmotivated cuts within just 107 seconds. Some even went so far as to say that this scene was a “bad editing masterclass” (via Thomas Flight). You can watch that scene here:

Oscar winner reacts with concessions

Oscar winner for Best Film Editing, John Ottman, who has edited films such as “X-Men: Days of the Future” and “The Usual Suspects” in his past, announced a few months after winning the Oscar in the “Score: The Podcast“ on record that the much-cited scene was actually conceived differently.

“The original scene where they meet John Reid was shot in a studio because the story demanded it. But I swapped the concerts. The Japan concerts and the USA tour initially took place in a different order. Now when they met John Reid, the dialogues didn’t make sense anymore. So we had to reshoot the scene. […] What happened was that the studio is usually anxious to get the first act over with. But with this film, the audience demanded more at each test screening. […] So the idea was that meeting John Reid should feel more like a montage. So I watched the original version of the scene, […] made her faster, faster, faster, cut, cut, cut. But you want to leave reactions inside. So since you wanted to keep the old things in, but you only had half the time in the scene, it got too fast.”

This is an exciting behind-the-scenes look at the Hollywood Dream Factory. The film “Bohemian Rhapsody” went through numerous problems during production. At first Sacha Baron Cohen was assigned to the project as Freddie Mercury, but the creative differences between him and the still active band members around Brian May and Roger Taylor caused him to leave.

Director Bryan Singer was fired when the film was nearing the end of filming, and Dexter Fletcher had to fill in and took on the rest of the responsibility – but is not officially listed as an additional director in the finished film. As John Ottman has now clarified, he is not particularly happy with some scenes himself, but had to come to an agreement in consultation with the film’s producers in order to complete the film. His biggest goal was to make the film “emotional”. You can now check for yourself how he succeeded and whether you noticed the many cuts yourself – whether on Netflix or Disney +, that’s up to you.

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