Jürgen Drews: Schlagerstar announces his farewell

Jurgen Drews
Pop star announces his farewell

Jürgen Drews retires.

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Jürgen Drews has announced the end of his career. In a show by Florian Silbereisen, he announced his departure from the stage.

Pop star Jürgen Drews (77) announced the end of his career on Saturday evening (July 9th). In the show “The Big Schlager Beach Party 2022 – Here we go again!” (Das Erste) by Florian Silbereisen (40), the singer said in a single player: “Since I’m at an age when others have been retired for a long time, I also said to myself: At some point it will be good.”

Drews further explained that he feels very comfortable in his own skin. He goes “without grumbling, I have my Ramona, I’m fine, I’m healthy, so why not now, when?” In addition, the singer said in the video: “Before I really break down, I would like to say goodbye. Thank fate. With you, with you. It was a good time.”

Declaration of love to wife

His wife Ramona (48) also had his say: a process was already underway with Jürgen. “The last two years have shown us that it is also possible without a stage.” Jürgen noticed how nice it is “to be at home, to have time, without deadline pressure”. They made the decision to leave together.

Jürgen Drews explained to the viewers how important his wife is to him: “Ramona is the greatest for me!” He also revealed that he would have his last show “in the fall at Florian”. Moderator Silbereisen was visibly touched after the clip on his show on Saturday evening and promised Drews: “We will celebrate you until autumn.”

He suffers from a nervous disease

At the end of May, Drews announced in an extensive Instagram post that he had to cancel some appearances in the meantime. The reason given by the musician was that during a tour with Silbereisen, which he had previously ended, he had noticed “that the side effects of getting older [sic] catch up faster and faster and the gradual process of my polyneuropathy unfortunately cannot be stopped completely”. Drews had made it public last year that he suffered from the nervous disease that restricts the ability to move.

He himself first has to process the unfamiliar situation before he can step back into the limelight: “For me, too, these physical limits that I had to experience are completely new and I have to learn to deal with them.”


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