Jürgen Conings case: the investigation is closed

The investigating judge will inform the federal prosecutor in the coming days. The latter should, in all likelihood, claim the termination of the criminal proceedings, Conings having died without any question of the involvement of a third party.

On May 17 of last year, a large-scale operation was launched to find Jürgen Conings. The 46-year-old soldier, known for his sympathies with the far right, had stolen heavy weapons from the Leopoldsburg barracks and threatened several people, including virologist Marc Van Ranst, a few days earlier.

The federal prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for attempted murder in a terrorist context and violation of the law on weapons in a terrorist context. After the discovery of Jürgen Conings’ vehicle on the edge of the Dilser wood in Limburg, the police had combed through the Hoge Kempen National Park. Only a black backpack with food and ammunition was found near where Jürgen Conings had parked his car.

It was only a month later, on June 20, that the soldier’s body was found by two cyclists in a difficult to access part of the woods. The body was lying at the foot of a tree, hidden by ferns. It quickly emerged that the man had taken his own life.

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