Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, the review: Friendship always finds a way

The review of Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, the final season of the series parallel to the film trilogy launched by Colin Trevorrow, on Netflix from July 21, 2022.

Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, a scene from the final season

And so there we are. After 5 seasons in less than two years, we get to write the Jurassic World: New Adventures 5 reviewthe cycle the final of episodes that close this parallel story to the film trilogy begun in 2015 by Colin Trevorrow and also just finished. A journey that amazed and involved us from the beginning, not only for the interesting idea of ​​moving in the spaces left by the film, but for the ability to find one’s own way and turn out to be more intriguing and full of ideas than we would have expected. . Will the conclusion of this journey also convince us?

Between one season and another

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Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, a scene from the final season

The story of the fifth season of Jurassic World: New Adventures picks up where we left off with the previous one, with the revelation that Daniel Kon, the cruel president of Mantah Corp, is Kenji’s father. This is the point from which the storylines of the new episodes begin to develop, which inevitably has consequences on the dynamics within the group of protagonists. What was introduced in the previous season that is brought to fruition, but then further developed to fuel the conflict on the island, propose an unsettling antagonist and provide the narrative push to stage clashes between dinosaurs that season the path of the boys to finally leave the island.

Jurassic World: New Adventures, Colin Trevorrow: “We wanted the characters to look like today’s kids”

The 6 of Isla Nublar

I think we’ve all changed since we got to the camp

Jurassicworldcampcretaceous Season5 Episode2 00 10 45 09

Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, a scene from the final season

“Leave the island” knows a little bit about Lost, we know, but there’s a reason we said it and it’s the fact that the series itself refers to guys as “The 6 of Isla Nublar”which reminded us so much of the concept of Oceanic 6 of the final phase of the ABC series. And it is a fact that the six boys are the beating heart of the Jurassic World animated series, with their stories, the interpersonal relationships that evolve over the seasons, their inevitable change. The quotation at the beginning of the paragraph speaks clearly in its didactic truth, which underlines what was already evident: none of the six arrives at the end as he had arrived at the Camp Creataceous of the original title, each has experienced its own path of inevitable, but also true and credible maturation. , given the obstacles they have had to face and overcome.

Jurassic World: New Adventures, Colin Trevorrow: “Dinosaurs represent our relationship with nature”

The protagonists dinosaurs

Jurassicworldcampcretaceous Season5 Episode2 00 17 23 01 R

Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, a scene from the final season

Even with the sensation of a productive rush in the last two seasons, which we seem to grasp in a more limping technical level than the first, Jurassic World: New Adventures comes to its conclusion confirming the positive sensations it had transmitted in the first place and had reiterated, each time to our surprise, from season to season. Narratively satisfying and never resting on what has already been done previously, the series has had the merit of moving forward, experimenting and surprising the viewer, looking for paths that the films have not been able to follow. In short, it did not settle on the brilliant idea of ​​moving parallel to the cinematographic counterpart (an idea reaffirmed with an intelligent wink also in the final season), but chose to take a path that is not beaten and not obvious.

Jurassicworldcampcretaceous Season5 Episode2 00 20 15 19 R

Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, face off with a dinosaur in the final season

He also had another merit: he did not put aside i dinosaurs, an aspect that would seem trivial for a chapter of the Jurassic franchise but that the latest film Jurassic World: Domination seems to have lost sight of, keeping them out of its narrative heart. The animals must being at the center of the titles of the saga and New Adventures, even with the dynamics necessary to involve its young target, has not renounced to make them protagonists on a par with human characters.


And so we come to the end, of the series as well as of our review of Jurassic World: New Adventures 5, the Netflix animated spin-off that has kept us company for five seasons and almost two years. A satisfying ending and in line with what the series has built, which completes the paths of the characters, but does not renounce to keep the dinosaurs component at the center of the story, which cannot be missing in a chapter of the Jurassic franchise. Too bad for a technical level that in the last two seasons has seemed a little behind compared to the beginnings.

Because we like it

  • The narrative construction, which did not settle on the initial idea, albeit a winning one, but went on in an intriguing and at times surprising way.
  • The path of the characters, who reach the finish line changed from the debut in the series.
  • The dinosaurs, central as it should be in a piece of the Jurassic franchise.

What’s wrong

  • The tone is appropriate for the young target and could disappoint those who expect a more mature production.
  • The technical level the slight decrease compared to the first seasons.

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