Jurassic World – Domination: Sam Neill explains the difference between Alan Grant and Chris Pratt’s character

Sam Neill, during a recent interview published by Cinemablend in view of the release of Jurassic World – The domain, explained what are the differences between Alan Grant and the character of Chris Pratt.

Fans are used to compare and contrast heroes like Dr. Alan Grant’s Sam Neill and Owen Grady of Chris Pratt for months and will probably continue to do so after the release of Jurassic World – The domain on the big screen. So, of course, Neill decided to have a say about him on the subject and his take on the significant difference between the characters is very insightful, albeit slightly self-deprecating.

Jurassic World – The Domination: Chris Pratt in a scene from the trailer

Speaking with Neill during the promotional tour of the third Jurassic World film, a reporter from Cinemablend questioned him about the legacy of the learned protagonist created by Michael Crichton. The conversation also included some interesting reflections on Dr. Grant that arose from improvising with Jeff Goldblum.

Pointing out that Dr. Grant has always been an academic Jurassic Park character who doesn’t want to be a part of the action, the actor compared that character to Indiana Jones, sharing with CinemaBlend his take on how different Alan is from Owen Grady in. Jurassic World.

Jurassic World 8

Jurassic World – The Dominion: Sam Neill in a scene from the trailer

It’s interesting to think of his similarities to Indiana Jones, because I’ve always seen Alan Grant as a fairly normal guy who has to make the most of things in difficult circumstances, in very dangerous situations.“explained Sam Neill.”Pratt’s character, on the other hand, is a true action hero. And it’s something I never thought Alan Grant could be, I realized that improvising with Jeff. Grant is a normal person who does the best of him, while Owen can take care of things … I only take care of the bones, I have no other qualifications.

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