Jurassic World 3, The World According To: The Prologue Of The Film Unveiled

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Jurassic World: The Aftermath is expected on June 8, 2022 in French cinemas. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, this third chapter will be an opportunity to learn more about the origins of dinosaurs. This is also what to remember from the exclusive minutes unveiled by Universal. It is more precisely the prologue, this one not being an integral part of the film but serving more to announce the sixth part of the franchise. Jurassic Park. In it and as you can see below, we discover the prehistoric world of dinosaurs before two T-Rex clash.

One of them will be killed by his opponent before the famous mosquito, from which John Hammond will later remove the dinosaur DNA in order to recreate them in the laboratory, lands on the corpse. We understand how the transmission 65 million years later took place. We also discover our era in the prologue, and more precisely what we have in store Jurassic World : Dominion after the dinosaurs regained their freedom at the end of Fallen Kingdom. Humans seem to want to stop the invasion of dinosaurs, the latter likely to cause a lot of damage judging by the presence of the T-Rex on the premises of an outdoor cinema.

This prologue directed by Colin Trevorrow will therefore be enough to arouse our curiosity vis-à-vis the blockbuster. During CinemaCon, exclusive images had already been unveiled in which the director explained that humanity will not be safe now that dinosaurs live in the wild. On this occasion, the filmmaker also returned to the consequent role of the original cast of Jurassic Park as well as their place alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. A meeting that fans of the prehistoric franchise can not wait to discover in several months. A little more patience then!

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