Jungle camp with best values: who has the best chance of winning the crown?

Tessa vs. Cecilia, a shaky favorite and a treasure hunt that will go down in camp annals as Pizza Gate: This episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich” is all about the highlights and excitement of the jungle camp Week.

Two German-Italian, who make all fan hearts beat faster, a lot of confro and a pop singer who only defines himself through his deceased father: This year, the jungle camp not only has fantastic ratings, but also offers the finest trash TV entertainment.

In this episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich” Verena and Axel look back on the first half of the 16th season. How much did it hurt Lucas to turn down Djamila’s request to take the night watch? How much URKRAFT is really in Jana and who is already the hottest contender for the crown? Also: Like Cosimo and Gigi, would you have eaten the pizza offered by RTL or brought the team four eggs to the camp? And why doesn’t papis let anyone else use the cooking pot?

Ditt & Datt & Dittrich

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