Jungle camp: Verena Kerth wants to marry Marc Terenzi – on this condition

jungle camp
Verena Kerth only wants to marry Marc Terenzi if she wins

Verena Kerth


The third day of the jungle camp was about crumbling egos, jealousy about food, unsuccessful trips to the toilet – and a surprising wedding wish.

Traditionally, it always takes a few days at the jungle camp for the trash format to develop its full trash potential. Then, as a rule, the emotional facades of the participating stars, which had been quickly given a flawless coat of paint before arriving in Australia, crumble. Only Tessa Bergmeier, 33, gave riot full steam from episode one and had already established herself as the favorite enemy of the RTL and RTL + audience, who had chosen the model again for day three in the jungle test. There the 33-year-old was confronted with a “shitstorm” of a different kind alongside the “Checker vom Neckar”.

Jungle camp day 3: A handle in the toilet

The name said it all, as Sonja Zietlow, 54, explained to the examinees with her usual glee. The duo should be prepared for a mixture of animals and stench in “our little jungle toilet”, according to the presenter. For Cosimo Citiolo, 41, and Tessa, it was always a matter of taking turns answering questions correctly in the loo. Otherwise rubbish of every color fell on the two, which Cosimo either answered with a “What’s that?” or a spirited “Mamma Mia!” commented.

The biggest obstacle did not turn out to be the jungle goo, but – as in many a season before – the German spelling. To make matters worse, the answers also had to be spelled correctly. In the exceptional situation, it was too difficult a task for the celebrities. Only two of the twelve solution words arrived correctly at Zietlow and new moderator Jan Köppen, 39. In short: matching the test, the star yield was also modest.

Verena Kerth: “I’ll get married when I become the jungle queen!”

Meanwhile, reality TV star Cecilia Asoro, 25, felt betrayed by two blonde competitors in her profession. Her allegation, which she deepened in a conversation with Luigi “Gigi” Birofio, 23: Claudia Effenberg, 57, and Verena Kerth, 41, do not yet show their true colors. “They always forget that reality is real,” said Gigis and Cecilia’s existential trash TV insight. Rather, the duo would currently do everything to look good in front of the cameras and thus in front of the audience. But Cecilia is sure that the look behind their masks will “come later”.

With Verena, this seemed to have been the case unconsciously on day three. When the subject of marriage came up, she started pondering after a cheeky comment about her ex Oliver Kahn (also a titan in bed?). “I’m in my 40s now and I’ve never been married.” Yet somehow everyone wishes to one day enter into the bond of marriage. Without further ado, she decided: “I’ll only marry if I become the jungle queen!” Is that an incentive for her friend Marc Terenzi, 44, to call his lady of the heart with a lot of enthusiasm?

Jana shows her “primal power”

A war of words with Jana “Urkraft” Pallaske, 43, caused a stir even more than her statements about Titan and Terenzi. The latter lived up to her self-chosen middle name and exceptionally used her spiritual energy to pull off the leather properly. “It’s nice that you’re finally addressing it directly, instead of always just behind the scenes!” She snapped at Verena when she developed food envy because of a few (vegan) beans. A verbal exchange of blows followed, which should serve as a visual lesson for passive aggressiveness in the future – as if Yin were arm wrestling with Yang.

In the meantime, Cosimo dropped a bit of his macho protective armor in a chat with the said twosome Claudia and Verena. “I need the fee, otherwise I can’t pay my debts.” He talks about his gambling addiction and how his girlfriend was able to get him away from it around three years ago. In the jungle phone, Claudia was then surprised by the unexpected soul striptease and that her Cosimo was “very sorry”. “He always looks macho and so super strong, but then the facade crumbles.” Now she just has to get her own cracks – at least if it were up to Cecilia and “Gigi”.

Jungle camp: Sonja Zietlow + Jan Köppen look at the candidates

Speaking of “Gigi”: He can/must prove himself in the upcoming jungle test. But not alone – of course, long-time favorite Tessa was hit once again.

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