Jungle camp – day 13: Claudia is knee-deep in the "bolo"-trouble

Claudia doesn’t make any friends, Jolina climbs into the tunnel system of the “Jaulwürfe” and gets six stars and Cecilia has to leave the camp. On day 13 there is mail from loved ones. That’s emotional, but also offers steep templates for gags. Lucas, if you knew what’s going on outside!

“Let’s just talk about the most important things and get out of the way,” says Gigi to the “wrong” Claudia against the background of the smoldering Bolognese gate. They both hug and go their separate ways and Claudia says that should be fine with her. What is she doing two minutes later? Lets off steam at Djamila.

Lickofatzo! The “Bolo” bomb is armed. Finally the camp knows. Just don’t fiddle with the warhead. Djamila is annoyed that she didn’t stop the natural disaster tourist from Florida sooner: “Caught along, hung along, I let myself be carried away.” And it’s incredibly important to our “Bolo” Claudia to emphasize that again and again: “You took part too!” Unfortunately, she doesn’t want to understand what’s so bad about her pasta gag. After all, it was just “a joke”. Yes, but one that, as Papis remarks, should have been enlightened a long time ago! Instead, she celebrated herself – when papis presented her with the attribute gift, as a “selfless” heroine.

But folks, it must be good now, okay? Claudia is slowly enough. She is constantly associated with the Bolognese number: “Hey, I wasn’t the one who ate a pizza!”

Always wonderful to compare apples with pears or Bolognese with pizza. Freely based on Matthias “Marzipane”, we should note at this point that the well poisoner Claudia made our Cosimo feel so bad about his last supper that he gave her half of his chips. For days the “false snake” perpetuated the lie. Now, when the bomb bursts, she wants to take Djamila with her, creates a mood in the camp and pretends to be a Gigi victim: “He excludes me. I’m not allowed to talk to him anymore. Do you think it’s good that I’m excluded?”

“It’s nice to forgive other people”

Jungle camp on TV

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Dear Claudia: The difference is that Gigi and Cosi were honest IMMEDIATELY. They were disciplined by the group for their strategically correct decision. Cosimo felt bad about it for days while you kept up your lie on purpose. Can you do it. It’s strategic but hack because millions of people are watching you.

So and now: Basta with pasta! Or as Cordalis describes in a cosmopolitan manner: “It’s nice to forgive other people.” For a long time people in these latitudes will not eat spaghetti bolognese without thinking of the woman who assumes that the topic is uninteresting and not even worth a “BILD headline”. The title: “Player woman shows her true face; Claudia EGOberg and the tasteless Bolo lie”.

While the dirndl designer is thinking aloud about wanting to leave the camp, Jolina really gets out. Although only for the jungle test entitled “Jaulwurf”, but who would have thought that there were such beautiful German allotments in the middle of the Australian jungle? Of course, with a lawn that has been precisely cut to the edge. The industrious “Yowls” have raged underground, there are “Yowls” everywhere.

The 30-year-old’s task: to crawl down into the insectivore’s tunnel system and look for stars. It’s pitch black. Spiders, mealworms, ants and cockroaches everywhere. And right in the middle a courageous Jolina, who earns six stars and can rightly be proud of herself. She dedicates her victory to the moderators, including Dirk Bach. An emotional moment that also caused Sonja to shed a tear or two.

What else happened:

Djamila reports on the pond about her time in the youth work center in the GDR, a “home for children and young people who have not adapted to the socialist system” and about how she was carted into forced labor by bus at the age of 14. This chapter of GDR history was completely “missed”. She admits she struggles every day. At first she wanted to leave the jungle after a short time. Claudia is also in tears and so they give each other strength to get through this grueling time together.

On day 13 there is also mail from loved ones. The emotionality that accompanies the lines is difficult for people who do not live under these conditions to understand. Time often seems endless in the jungle, days feel like months. It gets emotional again. Gigi is crying and would like to go straight to his “pearl”, Daddy’s mother lets her son know for the first time in his life how proud she is of him and Cordalis is visibly touched by his “cat’s” encouraging words. How nice it would have been if Lucas’ letter had said: “Because you don’t deliver inside, we’re taking care of the maximum gossip of hell outside with the “Iris vs. Peter” cause. Your family”.

Cecilia has to leave the camp.

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