Jungle camp – day 12: Claudia Effenberg flies her lie around her ears

Sonja confronts the “selfless” Claudia with her “bolo lie”, Jana has to leave the camp and Cordalis introduces Cosimo. It is above all the small gestures in which the character of the campers is revealed on the twelfth day. Lucas: Six, bet!

phew! Day 12 in the jungle camp is heavy stuff! The viewer can hardly keep up. The events come thick and fast. But we will tentatively get in the mood for the choice, preferably with Cosi’s current number one hit with the title: “Bruder, ja, my Lord! Bruder, ja …”

The end makes the beginning today. Jana left the jungle camp. Finally! Her joy at being kicked out is huge, seems honest and not played. Recently she had been struggling with life in the camp, although she had told Jolina at night watch that the jungle had healed her of the terrible experiences she had in Hollywood. Experiences that would have “completely traumatized” her: “There was just constant sexual assault. It was so common, it was clearly required.” Since then she has preferred to live in the forest, just not in Australia and not under these adverse conditions.

Day 12 in the jungle camp is a single up and down. First great joy when Cosi and Djamila have to take the “Wall of Shame” exam. On the way there, a moment is revealed that is so touching that not only Djamila, but also the viewer sheds a tear or two. Our Cosi wishes the Berliner all the best and a man: “You’re a great woman! Don’t change for anyone. (…) If I win, I’ll invite you to a vacation with a hot guy.”

Djamila, Cosimo and the small, big gestures

Because the favorite on the jungle crown is still worried about not finding happiness in love and staying lonely forever. Cosi hugs her. And what happens next: he actually hits the first ranger who comes along and tries to get the 55-year-old on a date! Simply a great guy, our Cosimo, who got over his emotional low on the twelfth day.

The test: hardly worth mentioning. The two only get two stars because their short-term memory is failing them. For each wrong answer, they end up in a basin of filthy water after being doused with sap, offal, and molasses. Nevertheless, it is important to record the jungle annals in writing: The test was “age-appropriate” and “demanding”.

It’s always the small gestures that say a lot about the character at the same time. That moment, for example, when Cosimo dances with Jana Lambada or picks lavender for the sad Djamila. And it also says a lot about a person how they talk about those who are not in the room. Especially Jolina leaves feathers in a round of gossip when she hands out to Cosimo. Then rather be outspoken like Gigi. Although he thinks that Cosimo is “a giant baby”, he would also tell him to his face. His views on Claudia: “I don’t think much of her, she’s fake, she’s actually much worse in real life.”

Claudia switches to draft in the Bolognese gate

And that brings us to the big topic of the twelfth day: the Bolognese Gate. When Gigi and Cosi quickly admitted to having decided on a pizza and four eggs for eleven people in a joint night challenge, they were counted at the camp for their sloppy morale. But for two days now, the lie has been around that Claudia and Djamila were offered spaghetti bolognese during the treasure hunt together, which they, however, self-sacrificingly refused for the team. Since then: silence in the forest.

Jungle camp on TV

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The campuses were deliberately manipulated. Djamila enlightens Cosi during the joint exam. All bluff, all fraud. The 41-year-old reacts calmly: “Everything is fine!” Or as Evelyn Burdecki’s ex-lover Domenico would say: “Stone over it.” When Djamila Claudia reports later in the camp what happened in the exam, she puts it completely on the fly! Partout, Ms. Effenberg would like the others to believe that they decided against the spaghetti and went for the team. In the “Features-Presents-Game” she lets her daddies celebrate her as “selfless”.

The celebs have to give each other small packets of traits. According to Claudia, Gigi is “wrong”, Cecilia “affected” and: Oh, everything doesn’t work out in the back and front! Much more interesting, however, is that moment when Cosimo wants to read the rules of the game and stumbles a little over the lines. And what does the self-proclaimed forest sheriff Cordalis do? Stands up with a mischievous attitude, boldly babbles, “Read it again!” Finally, he takes the piece of paper from Cosi’s hand to read the rules of the game himself. Showing someone off like that and believing oneself to be right at the same time: extremely uncomfortable!

Djamila’s fanbase and Claudia’s selflessness

This shows the dilemma in which the jungle camp is. Because Cordalis, thanks to his large social media community, believes he is certain of the crown. Of course, the Katzenberger clan also does a lot of publicity. The range: huge. And so it can happen in the end that people with a smaller community end up in places they don’t deserve at all. May Djamila’s fan base skyrocket exponentially!

One of the most embarrassing moments happens in the early hours of the morning. Because Claudia still doesn’t think it’s necessary to pour the other pure wine about the “Bolo lie”, Sonja speaks directly to the “selfless” during her daily flying visit. The player’s wife’s face speaks volumes. This is what someone who just got caught looks like! Effenberg, however, plays the clueless. After all, she talks about her head and neck. First she says she doesn’t know what Sonja is talking about. Then again she says sheepishly about the Bolognese bluff: “No, we haven’t talked about it yet.” Dear “selfless” Claudia, congratulations! You have earned a piece of the gift with the quality “wrong” that Gigi received from you after this number at the latest.

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