Jungle Camp 2022: This actress is finally moving to the jungle camp

She always didn’t want to, now Anouschka Renzi is moving to the jungle camp in 2022. The reason: “I don’t care what others think or say about me,” explains the actress.

It took many years before Anouschka Renzi, 57, agreed to participate in the cult RTL show “I am a star – get me out of here”. On January 21, 2022, according to RTL information, the actress will not move into the jungle camp as usual in Australia, but due to the corona pandemic in South Africa. Why is she doing that after 13 refusals? She doesn’t care what others think or say about her now.

Jungle camp 2022: Anouschka Renzi is also there

In a few days the time has come: Then Anouschka Renzi gets on the plane to South Africa. What is important to her for her participation? Anouschka wants to be herself and not play a role. “I am not one of those who go in there as a Rhenish cheerful person: I can do it! I can do it! No matter what! I haven’t come up with anything about it,” the 57-year-old explains in an interview with RTL.

Nevertheless, she also wants to present her funny side in the camp – especially in the jungle tests, which Renzi doesn’t seem to be afraid of yet: “I have a sense of humor, I don’t take all of this seriously.”

Will Anouschka tell the camp participants where to go?

She is quick-witted too. The public quarrel with ex-jungle camp candidate and entertainer Désirée Nick, 56, 2004 over cosmetic surgery and now this statement: “It would be nice if the men maybe sit down too. That they don’t pee in a circle and there everything is full. I think that’s terrible “. Will she also show this directness in the camp to the three previously confirmed candidates Glööckler, 55, Lucas Cordalis, 53, and Filip Pavlović, 28? Quite possible!

Anouschka Renzi has been working as a film and theater actress since she was 17 and has participated in a wide variety of productions. After two failed marriages, she currently lives in Berlin with her fiancé Marc Zabinski. She has an adult daughter, Chiara Moon Horst, 23, from her first marriage to actor Jochen Horst.

Source used: rtl.de


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