Jungkook would be upset if his girlfriend helped someone else with the kkaennip

One of the most popular debates in South Korea has to do with one of the most common ingredients in Korean cuisine: kkaennip (perilla leaf). Dozens of idols have given their opinion on the matter and BTS did not plan to be left behind. While discussing whether they would be mad if his girlfriend helps his friend separate the perilla leaves, Jungkook let his imagination run wild and created a whole love story.

Jungkook spoke recently about what his reaction would be to the famous debate of the kkaennip. The dilemma meets each other would a person feel awkward if their partner helps their friend separate the perilla leaves and Jungkook had only one opinion about.

Jungkook from BTS on Instagram. // Source: Instagram @jungkook.97

In South Korea, kkaennip is a popular ingredient that serves as an ‘omelette’ for Mexicans. Koreans often use it as a topping for various ingredients such as meat, rice, or kimchi. In barbecues, it is normal for many to use them to eat.

However, these leaves tend to stick together and sometimes when someone wants to take one of the leaves with their chopsticks, they can get stuck and need the help of another person.

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Jungkook wouldn’t let his girlfriend help his friend separate the kkaenip, why?

The debate is on what would happen if you go out with your partner and friends and then your partner uses their chopsticks to help your friend separate the perilla leaves. This problem became a trending topic on South Korean networks, to such an extent that dozens of idols began to talk about it. And the question was always, if it was your girlfriend, would you feel jealous?

For Jungkook, it’s a definite yes. In his most recent program, the members of BTS talked about it and Jungkook did not hesitate to answer that he would not let his girlfriend help a friend to separate the sheets.

In his imagination, Jungkook assured that they would first start by separating the perilla leaves, then they would go on to hold their hands and finally they would end up getting married. So the only way to not lose his girlfriend to her friend would be to not let him help you separate the perilla leaves. Causing the laughter of the rest of his companions. What’s your opinion about it?

Jungkook talks about kkaennip. // Source: Twitter @myglosshy

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