Jungkook has already released Dreamers in Korea, this is how his new song sounds

Dreamers, the song that Jungkook from BTS will sing for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, premieres tomorrow. However, it is already available on Spotify in South Korea and fans were able to listen to small fragments of the melody that the idol will sing at the ceremony. opening of the World Cup Do you want to know how it will sound?

jungkook of BTS is about to take the World Cup Qatar 2022 and he will do it with his song Dreamers. Which fans can already enjoy in South Korea. This is how the expected melody will sound. Are you ready for this success?

Jungkook will sweep the song Dreamers of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. // Source: Twitter @vkoobism

The World Cups They are characterized by having special songs that have very catchy melodies and show a bit of the culture of each host country and Dreamers of jungkook will not be the exception. In addition to showing the passion for the sport, this tune could be one of the most popular of the year and this is why.

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Jungkook’s Dreamers came out a day early in Korea, ARMY loved the sound of it

The first fragments of Dreamers of Jungkook are now available. The song was revealed a day earlier on Spotify in South Korea, and many fans have shared snippets of the song.

With an Arabic melody and songs in the background, you can listen to a song full of passion, which will make all the fandom and soccer lovers dance and shout. Without a doubt, it is a song that will reflect the passion of the sport. You can hear the chorus of the song here:

  • Fragment of Dreamers, new song by Jungkook from BTS for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. // Source: Twitter @umtaehyungs

In addition to that, the first teaser for the MV of Dreamers, where you can see various Qatari sites and a great multiculturalism of people. Without a doubt, it will be one of the most popular songs of the World Cup. Do you want me to come out?

  • Advancement of Jungkook’s MV for Dreamers. // Source: Twitter @roadto2022

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What time will Jungkook perform at the Qatar 2022 World Cup? Schedules in Latin America

The schedule of BTS Jungkook’s performance at the opening ceremony of the World Cup Qatar 2022 It could be at approximately 8:00 in Latin America. The hours may vary depending on the country you are in. Here you can see it:

  • 8:40 am: Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador.
  • 9:40 am: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba and Panama.
  • 10:40 am: Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.
  • 11:40 am: Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

In other news, this is everything you need to know about Dreamers, the new song by BTS Jungkook. Launch times and more. You’re ready?

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