Jungkook and his Spotify send a message of respect for diversity

If you want to know what music Jungkook listens to then you will also want to follow his activity on Spotify, but also the BTS idol gave an important message about equality and respect.

The boys of BTS They are everywhere, but we not only say it because of their surprising popularity that has taken their music to all parts of the world, but also because we see them more and more present on social networks and platforms with their personal accounts.

Just as there are those who do not miss any update of their Instagram profiles, there are those who do not lose sight of the activity of Jungkook in Spotify, either to discover what type of music the idol listens to or even to learn new melodies as if they came on the recommendation of the idol.

This music platform lets us listen to artists from all over the world, save and like songs or complete playlists, so Jeon Jungkook It has also shown a bit of those choices.

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Jungkook, playlist you selected on Spotify

It turns out that recently fans noticed that in the likes of the idol A playlist appears with a Korean title that simulates the sounds of a heartbeat, the name of the list reads as ‘dugun dugun’ and as expected, it includes many romantic songs.

Jungkook’s account on the music platform. | Source: Spotify

The same happened with another list in the app that bears the name of Gender Kills My Vibe and they both have in common that they include melodies that have become important when it comes to talking about gender issues, love relationships and different sexual orientations, but, ¿ why did this get attention?

BTS: Jungkook casts aside gender stereotypes over and over again

With the reach that Jungkook has thanks to his popularity, it is really special that through actions like this one he makes known the message of diversity, acceptance and respect for the individuality of each person, that includes from his choices in love, in what what you want to wear or how you choose to identify yourself.

On several occasions the idol has gained recognition for wearing clothes and items that are advertised as ‘genderless’ in order to stop limiting what a person is supposed to or should not do according to those common classifications.

On the other hand, we tell you what skill Taehyung wants to acquire, the idol’s goal shows his passion for music.

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