Jungkook and BTS’s V are soul mates, their synchronicity proves it

The members of BTS have shared different experiences for a long time, perhaps this makes them soul mates, like V and Jungkook who have a perfect synchronization.

We have seen the members of BTS live many adventures together throughout their history as a group, for more than 8 years they have lived and experienced various moments of their lives together, that is why it does not surprise anyone that these idols are more than united.

Jungkook Y Taehyung have a unique friendship within Bangtan SonyeondanSometimes it seems that they live in their own world, both are part of the maknae line of this group as they are the youngest members and their bond and chemistry is very strong on stage and off.

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But JK Y V Not only have they shared moments together, it seems that the idols are so synchronized that sometimes surprise ARMY, they look like soul mates and show it with their moments in total harmony with each other.

V and Jungkook have the best timing, this video proves it

Both on stage and off stage, Jungkook y Taehyung from BTS have perfect timing, ARMY compiled some videos where we can see them totally in harmony performing the same movements at the same time, causing a visual hallucination where they look like twins, LOL.

  • The video that demonstrates the great synchronization of Jungkook and Taehyung | Twitter: @winnttaebear

That’s how JK y V They have the best coordination within Bangtan, fans are surprised that they unconsciously do the same movements at the same moment, OMG.

Jungkook and Taehyung always have the cutest moments

Taehyung y Jungkook They really understand each other and it shows that they are very comfortable with each other, both give ARMY many moments together that become the most beautiful experiences, how can we forget when the idols drew side by side.

  • Jungkook y Taehyung dibujando juntos | Twitter: @gukth

Or when they both had a fun ATV ride in BTS: In The Soop 2: ‘).

  • Taehyung y Jungkook paseando en moto | Twitter: @gukth

The timing and friendship of Taehyung y Jungkook They are unique and ARMY loves to see idols together having fun and doing the same moves without them noticing, LOL.

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