The popular Slovak actor and comedian speaks from the grave thanks to artificial intelligence and the so-called »deepfake« technology. “My dear Slovaks, it’s me, Julo. I have come back to encourage you…” The Christmas card that appeared on Slovak television screens begins with this sentence.

Even the daughter did not believe

In the commercial, Július is not only heard, but speaks directly to the viewer from the book. His famous mustache fits the words exactly. “When I heard my dad’s voice, I got goosebumps. It was indistinguishable from the real recordings.” the actor’s daughter Lucia Molnár Satinská (36) confided. Until the last moment, she didn’t believe that something like this could even work.

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How to do it

The artificial intelligence had to learn Slovak in order to process a large number of Satinský’s recordings. “In order for the result to have the right expression, emotion and dynamics, a background voice is needed, which is then colored by artificial intelligence. All these ingredients were supplied by the actor Michal Hudák,” revealed Dáša Juríková from Slovenská spořitelna, for which the Christmas advertisement was created.

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He resisted the news

The actor’s daughter also revealed that her father had a very conservative and even negative attitude towards modern technologies. “He only started writing on the computer when everyone around him was using it. He preferred pen and paper, later a typewriter. However, the innovations impressed him, over time he started faxing and at the end of his life he also sent a few e-mails,” Lucia said with a smile, remembering her father.

What is a deepfake?

Deepfake is the name for artificial intelligence technology that is supposed to create fake videos and photos that are supposed to create the impression of authenticity.

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