Julio César Chávez Jr, why was he arrested in Culiacán

Everything was normal during a live broadcast on the account of Instagram from Julius Caesar Jr. until the tension and nervousness took over the situation because a police officer approached him to ask him to get out of his car because he had to stop him.

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The boxer did not cut the transmission for a few minutes and some details of the conversation he had with the person in charge of the inspection could be heard, so many followers were attentive.

Although the video was not published on the athlete’s social network, various media were able to capture part of the broadcast and it was shared on different platforms.


In a part of the video, it is heard when the boxer asks why they are arresting him and refuses to get out of his car because he considered that it was not fair that they were doing it to him. In addition, he pointed out that everything was being recorded.

The policeman informs him that he was armed and that the objective was to take him to his base for the corresponding investigations and actions.

“I come from my house, I just woke up and I haven’t done anything. I don’t bring weapons, I just left my house. I’m not going to get off because I haven’t done anything,” says the boxer.

Minutes later the transmission was cut off and no more could be learned about what was happening.

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After everything that happened, it was learned that the boxer was not taken somewhere by the police that he was fine. Later he gave some statements on his social networks about what happened.

It is not possible for them to use me like an animal. We are all human beings and I am not an animal. The cops knew I have a gun. How will they know that I have it?”, were some of his words.

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