Juliette vents after being accused of stardom attack with fans in controversial video: ‘Scary’. Watch the images

Juliette was the target of a controversial publication that went viral on social media this Tuesday (07). In the video, the singer, who won “BBB 21” and is still a recurring subject on the reality show, refuses to take a photo with a fan after leaving a recording on TV Globo.

The video circulated on Instagram under the title “Celebrities who got stuck after fame”. In the images, Juliette appears at the broadcaster’s entrance, from which she was no longer contracted in 2022, and is welcomed by a small group of fans. One of them says that he had never met the artist and she hugs him and accepts the request for a photo.

However, at the request of another fan, Juliette’s reaction was different: “No, no, who already took a picture, no!”. Despite the refusal to take the picture, she does not stop hugging the admirers who were waiting for her.

visibly tired, Juliette still seems to say “I just want to go home”. A fan, in the background, reinforces: “She’s tired”. Even with the title of the video insinuating that the “cacti” were mistreated, the paraibana was supported on social networks.

“Nobody thought that she is a human being and that she has difficult days too”, defended an internet user. “She only denied a photo to those who had already taken it. Normal at the end of an exhausting day. She took it with everyone, she just didn’t repeat it”, argued Ana Paula Renault. “People forget that famous people are also people like us, they feel pain, sadness and tiredness, they demand a perfection that does not exist”, wrote another profile. Watch the images below!

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