Julieta Prandi revealed the millionaire figure that Claudio Contardi, her ex-partner owes her

The story between Julieta Prandi and her ex-husband, Claudio Contardi, includes a host of rugged edges, spurious mechanisms, horrendous behaviors to build a real hell for the model and driver. And she had no choice but to go public with the consequences of her divorce and the breaches of their responsibilities, from the absence of payments of food quotas and also in relation to the custody of his two children, Mateo and Rocco.

Once again, on the show “In the afternoon”, Prandi recounted his ordeal and provided new information about his ex, since a former partner of Contardi – let’s say the victim – will provide Prandi’s lawyer with evidence that He was scammed with a series of food businesses. “I would like to clarify that I was never to talk about my private life, but, in the face of so many lies, I have to go public with the hell that I lived with a psychopath that in a video that he recently uploaded, he could not cry on camera “, started.

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Furthermore, he added: “He owes me more than three million pesos in food, my children do not want to see it and they have not told me, but they did it in Court No. 3 of San Isidro”. As if that were not enough, he detailed the next steps in the cause that includes his two children: “On March 10, Mateo submits to the Gesell camera and Roco does not want to see his father either, since both were victims of harassment and mistreatment. I left the house threatened with deathSo if something happens to me, they know where to go. “

Julieta Prandi revealed the ordeal she lived with her ex.

When asked if her ex had gambling debts, she was categorical: “I don’t know, but he played and belongs to the Umbanda religion. I also want to clarify that he never owned the Carlitos pancake brand, they gave him a concession that ended badly.”

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