Julien Tanti’s son tattooed at only 4 years old? This photo that is talking on the Web!

Julien and Manon Tanti are happier than ever. Together since 2016, the two lovebirds have come a long way since the beginning of their relationship. Settled in Dubai, they have also founded a nice little family. Their son Tiago was born on May 24, 2018, while their daughter Angelina was born on September 2, 2020. Thrilled, the flagship couple from Marseille continues to share their daily lives on social networks. A colorful daily life since their clan is often the subject of heated controversy.

Recently, it is also the eldest of the duo who was making ink flow. And this, because of a photo shared on the Instagram account of SkyressTV. On the picture in question, we see the young Tiago in front of his little sister. So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But on closer inspection, an intriguing detail did not fail to shock internet users. A tattoo is clearly visible on the little boy’s neck. Is this a real one? The mystery remains intact and the question divides.

“Tiago is only 4 years old”

In the publication posted on social networks, the blogger then asks his subscribers to decide. Is it ” ridiculous or does he do “cand what he wants »? ” Tiago is only 4 years old and he gets a tattoo on his neck? Honestly congratulations to the Tanti… The osef piercing, but good tattoo… “, wrote SkyressTV on its publication.

If most Internet users are shocked, others do not believe this story at all and assume that it is a simple Malabar tattoo. Anyway, this allowed Marseille fans to come back to the child’s piercing. Recently, Tiago’s parents had their son’s ears pierced to which they added large diamonds. A sensational look…


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