Julien Lepers makes a big dumpling on Twitter, Samuel Etienne does not miss it!

He accompanied the evenings of the televiewers during many years. But all good things come to an end and Julien Lepers left his throne of Questions for a champion only to hand it over, in spite of himself, to Samuel Étienne. It was in 2015 that the iconic presenter bowed out, much to the regret of his fans. Since the animator, reappeared in Dance with the stars, to try to prove his talents as a dancer. Unfortunately, some felt that his place was in the animation and not on the floors…

However, it would not be Julien Lepers who would have chosen to leave his flagship show. In any case, this is what he recalled during his visit to TPMP People last April. “At the same time, David Pujadas, outside, William Leymergie, outside, Patrick Sébastien, outside, Gérard Holtz, outside, Georges Pernoud, outside, that’s all, I’m just saying that. Is it normal , not normal…”, he regretted still bitterly.

Hacked account ?

Because yes, the host still does not seem to have digested his eviction and what is more, the successor who was chosen to replace him. Especially when Matthieu Delormeau raved about the career that Julien Lepers had, he addressed a tackle to Samuel Étienne by dropping: “You have to put on a show because if you take the journalist who says the questions as he announces a news…”. An indirect way of conveying what he thought of his replacement.

This same substitute who does not seem to take the fly when he is attacked. However, Samuel Étienne did not hesitate for a second to make fun of Julien Lepers when he published a strange tweet this Thursday, July 21. “Minimum j zzz va me c es h juju Jing uzzzuzuZachari zczhczchcu Tdzyzffyxchyyzchffuz”, he wrote. Of course, it’s probably a hack, but the new presenter of Questions for a champion did not miss the opportunity to make fun of the one who had a hidden son. “I agree”he dropped ironically, taking up the strange tweet.

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