Julien Doré and Guillaume Canet: this ex in common who means a lot to them!

Some may not know it, but Julien Doré and Guillaume Canet have a lot more hooked atoms than we think. Did they star in the same movie? Is the ex of Marion Cotillard a fan of the same music as the ex-candidate of The New Star ? Or do they usually go to the same place on vacation? Nothing of the sort. Indeed, the common point that binds the two artists is actually their ex.

As a reminder, Julien Doré had a long and beautiful love story with Louise Bourgoin. However, their story ended in 2010. It was only a few months later that he found his shoe with an actress that Guillaume Canet knows very well. If some think that it is about Marion Cotillard this is obviously not the case, and the actress did not fault during her story with the director and actor. But then who is the one who capsized the heart of the singer and the actor?

Guillaume Canet’s first love

Marina Hands. Here is the name of the woman who would have had a love affair with the two men according to our colleagues from Feminine. It was in 2010 that Julien Doré was able to meet him while he was taking part in the filming of Together we will live a very, very great love story, directed by Pascal Thomas. Fun fact he gave the reply to Marina Hands and played them the roles of two characters very much in love.

Regarding Guillaume Canet, the young woman is none other than his first love as he revealed on the airwaves ofEurope 1. “Marina is still my first love, when we were 14, we were shoveling in the boxes and doing the French junior championships together”, he confessed on the radio. In addition to this, the two actors have collaborated for many projects even after their breakup.

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