Julien Clerc abandoned by France Gall: This terrible betrayal that remains through the throat of the artist

After having lived a toxic relationship with singer Claude François, France Gall finally found a taste for life. A few years after his difficult breakup, the performer of the title Wax Doll, Bran Doll meets Julien Clerc. Between them, it’s love at first sight. It is in particular in the arms of the beautiful brunette that the young woman will learn to love again. Unfortunately, their love affair will not last. According to Jean-Pierre Pasqualini, the singer who died four years ago “wanted more”. Far from being satisfied with the romanticism of the current companion of Hélène Grémillon, the star would therefore have moved away from her lover. “She wanted him to write her songs and he didn’t”, says the journalist on BFM TV.
Within the documentary Our years Julien Clerc broadcast on France 3, the singer, meanwhile, gave his own version. “We, Étienne Roda-Gil and I, tried to write her one or two songs which I admit were not immortal. And then I think that one day she met Michel Berger, who himself I think I had just suffered a terrible disappointment. France left to work with him. It was a very, very hard separation for me. At such times, I may want to sacrifice everything “.
Abandoned by his companion, the artist gradually closes in on himself and does not hesitate to put his hand in the dough to try to get his beloved back. It was then that he composed the iconic title To suffer for you is not to suffer. But determined to turn the page, France Gall does not want to hear anything. She is now under the spell of Michel Berger. Together, they will have two beautiful children named Pauline and Raphaël. For his part, Julien Clerc found the shoe to his feet. He now shares his life with a woman of letters 30 years his junior.

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