Julien Bert ready to be a single father? He makes revelations

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A few weeks after his final separation from Hilona, ​​Julien Bert now seems relieved if we are to believe this indirect spike. Now single, the reality TV candidate has many questions about his life and his desires … today he is more and more eager to start a family and become a dad. The proof being, Julien Bert shared an adorable video of a mother and her son in his story Instagram, writing: “You are going to take me for a fool! But I want to have a child more and more. I am 30 years old I think that is the age too and that I am ready.”

After receiving many messages from Internet users, Julien Bert then confided in video: “It’s true that I can’t throw you a video like that, because I already see a lot of messages in mode” ah have you found someone ?! “Well no… Nobody. It’s just that I’m 30 years old and my goal in life is to find someone, to start a family. Before I already had these ideas and there more and more, I think it’s the age that wants that. I’m ready! But single, it’s a bit complicated. We will give ourselves time, 2-3 years and then we will advise “.

Still thinking about wanting to become a dad, Julien Bert added about finding his other half: “It’s like love, you can’t say I’m looking for love, it can’t be looked for, it comes over you. You have to take time for yourself, you have to have fun, meet new people, get to know people … Step by step, so that you don’t burn your wings and you don’t make mistakes. “ Hopefully the reality TV contestant ends up finding the right fit! At the same time, find out if Julien Bert is still friends with Kevin Guedj.

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