Julien Bert (LMvsMonde6) tired of being associated with Hilona, ​​he sends a clear message

After an audio extract suggesting that Julien Bert was violent with Hilona leaked on the Web, the young woman made an update. According to her own words, the candidate never raised a hand on her: “I never received blows from Julien! I never said that (…) This vocal was taken out of context. It was said on the spur of the moment (…) With Julien, we had very strong arguments and that’s why we separated “. Now things are clear. And for his part, Julien Bert has let it be known that he no longer wished to be associated with Hilona at all.

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Julien Bert admits to being tired of being associated with Hilona – Credit (s): Instagram @ julienbert42

In his Instagram stories, the young man declares: “That way everything is clear and don’t come and invent lives for me. Now, please don’t associate me with Hilona anymore, neither near nor far. I have nothing more to do with her but I wish both of us happiness. Long life and nikomouk “ he said in the caption of the video where Hilona claims not to have been abused by Julien.

You won’t hear from the two of us anymore.

But that’s not all since the candidate of Rest of the world also commented on a post featuring this famous video of the young woman: “Me the first, I’m fed up with our history (…) I think we all agree but she had to restore the truth, that is very important because there are real victims of domestic violence and we must not play on words or leave doubts on this very serious subject (…) You will not hear from us two from now on “. For her part, Giuseppa pushed a big rant while she continues to be criticized on social networks.

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