Julie Andrieu "virgin" at 20: his ex swings without filters on their love story!

If she is today the wife of doctor Stéphane Delajoux (whom she married in 2010), and of whom she has two children, (Hadrien, 10 years old and Gaïa, 7 years old), Julie Andrieu formerly had a beautiful history of love with the photographer Jean-Marie Périer. This November 17, on RTL, in the program of Flavie Flament, the latter revealed how the beginnings of their romance had gone, without filters.

“I’m 20, I’m a virginI’ve decided it’s you”

He explained about Nicole Courcel’s daughter: “Julie, I met her she was 17, well nothing was happening of course, there I fell to the ground. Outside, the kid hadn’t had her father so basically I played father for three years ; she would come, I would show her films”.

Everything changed between them when Julie Andrieu turned 20. Jean-Marie Périer indeed reveals: “I don’t know if she wants me to tell it, but she told me ‘I’m 20, I’m a virgin, I’ve decided it’s you’. I saw her as my daughter“.

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A declaration of love which took a few days to be received by Jean-Marie Périer. Since he confides on the airwaves of the radio that he then fled for 4 days in Los Angeles, before finding Julie Andrieu. From this story that lasted several years, and during which the future host finally chose to make a career in the kitchen, Jean-Marie Périer only keeps wonderful memories.

It’s a marvel of tactful intelligence

Always very close to his ex, and his family, he explains about him: “She’s a marvel of tactful intelligence, she doesn’t forget anyone, she’s incredible”. We cannot say the same about the intimate confidences that the star of the yéyés years has just made about him!


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