Juliano Cazarré’s daughter is born with a rare disease and needs to be operated on in a hurry. Know details

Juliano Cazarré, Alcides from “Pantanal”, announced the birth of Maria Guilhermina, the 5th child. Fruit of the marriage with Leticia Bastos, the baby came into the world this Tuesday morning (21). Even in the early hours, she needed to undergo heart surgery because of a rare pathology. “Maria Guilhermina arrived with a special heart, also expanding our hearts and those of everyone around her!”, Said the actor, through social networks.

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Maria Guilhermina was affected by a rare congenital heart disease called Ebstein’s Anomaly. The condition affects 1 in 10,000 babies and can lead to breathing difficulties, cyanosis and cardiac arrhythmia. The disease was discovered in prenatal exams. “Throughout the pregnancy, the doctors realized that her case would be one of the rarest and most serious within the anomaly”, says Juliano.



Despite being born in excellent condition, Maria Guilherme needed an operation to make an important repair, according to Juliano. “The surgery went well, she is stable and continues to recover and receive the best care. Its doctors and specialists are true heroes, and we are happy and reassured to have such a well-prepared and dedicated team.”

Juliano took the opportunity to thank the audience for their love and prayers. “Our hearts are filled with joy and confidence! Maria Guilhermina is the most beautiful thing. We will continue to take care of everything so that, soon, we can take her home, where her brothers Vicente, Inacio, Gaspar and Maria Madalena are eagerly awaiting her!”, the couple wrote.

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