Juliano Cazarré is called a sexist during live and gets angry: "It’s always this freshness"

During the afternoon of this Wednesday (20/07), the actor Juliano Cazarrewho currently lives the pawn Alcides in the soap opera “wetland“, he performed a live on his Instagram. “Today we are going to do the eighth live, the eighth video about São José. It will be 30 days, today is the 8th. Good afternoon everyone! Yesterday I couldn’t do it at all, I woke up, stayed with the children for a while because they need attention, I ran to the Globe, recorded, recorded, recorded, got home late. There was my mother here, my sister, my brother-in-law, the people who came from Brasília, my father, my three nephews, there were a lot of kids here, a mess, I couldn’t. I’ve already seen that it won’t be 30 calendar days. I’m in a rush, with the recording of the soap opera and thinking about when I’ll be able to go to São Paulo to visit Leticia, anyway… let’s talk about this ideal husband that is São José”, said the artist about his recording routine.

During the chat with the fans, where he talked about São José, the actor was nervous after being called a sexist. “Oh, machismo! Cazarré is sexist, those who have a mother don’t have protection! Did I say that those who have a mother don’t have protection? Did I ever speak ill of women by any chance? It’s always that freshness, my brother! That’s why it’s full of jelly men like that, speaking well of fathers is not speaking ill of mothers Donkey! I want to see you find someone who treats women as well as I do. I’m the guy who’s at home, man brother, with the kids… I’m here with four, with four”, he began, showing anger.

“So you come here on my live to say I’m sexist? You kid! I’m in each with four! And you’re there saying: oh, be free, babe! Be free, I’m not sexist! Get one today, pick up another tomorrow, pick up and leave the women behind, make a child and run away I’m the guy who’s at home, clown! This is anti-machismo, this is not being sexist, no, this is being a man , which is what there is no more. And every society that is without a man sinks. Because every society needs a balance between masculine and feminine”, he continued in his outburst.

“And people like that, fresh, are the kind of people who harm women, who abuse, who mistreat, who do not defend, who take advantage. That’s why I’m here talking about São José, for you to learn to defend women, to stay at home. Did you have a child? Take over, raise. Do you have problems in your marriage? Resolve, stay married, sacrifice yourself, wake up earlier, sleep later, take two jobs, take three jobs. That’s why I I’m here, because of that kind of slacker there”, said the actor.

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