Juliano Cazarré gives an emotional report when recalling his daughter’s surgery: ‘100% chance of death’

At one month old, Maria Guilhermina, daughter of Juliano Cazarré and Letícia, proves every day that she is a miracle. The baby was born with a rare congenital heart disease and, despite the short time of life, has already undergone extubation, the maternity ICU and still had to undergo surgery where there was almost a 100% chance of death.

In an interview with “Conversa com Bial”, Juliano Cazarré recalled the struggle that the family, and especially the baby, have been fighting against the disease. “Letícia scheduled an exam and finally they told us what we feared the most and said that she was at more risk inside her belly than out here. She has to be born on time. We scheduled the delivery for the next day and she was born well. If we didn’t know, we would pick it up, take it home and she could die in a few hours”, said the actor, who showed his daughter’s face recently.

Daughter of Juliano Cazarré and Letícia had a 100% chance of dying in surgery

Then, Juliano Cazarré said that, in the surgery, the girl’s heart was removed, passed through an artificial lung and then put back in the girl.

“She is a miracle. The doctor who performed her ultrasound said that the baby has an index called the ‘cardiothoracic index’, which is the size that her heart occupies in the chest. This anomaly makes the heart get big. this index of 0.5 has a 90% chance of death. Maria’s is 0.6. It’s a 100% chance of death. It’s a serious, delicate operation”.

Despite the risk, Cazarré was hopeful: “And she’s evolving a lot”, analyzed the actor.

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