Juliana and Maxi’s "Big Brother" They talked about getting married and said who they would not invite from the house: the video

After Juliana, Alfa, la Tora and María Laura have been nominatedat[person]’s house Big Brother” there was a tense atmosphere. However, as the minutes passed and the live program ended with Santiago del Morothings were changing and they began to talk about different topics.

Watch the video of Juliana and Maxi from “Big Brother” talking about their possible wedding and the guest list!

There the young woman from Venado Tuerto and Maxi They began to talk with their classmates about the possibility of getting married and who would be the guests they met in the reality show. It was at that moment that several of the participants were named and many others were left off the list.

“Let’s go 15 guests with Mora”she is heard saying to Juliet from “Big Brother”. At that moment, Juliana adds to Martina, one of the eliminated from the reality showand the model responds: “If Marti goes, I won’t go.” His classmates listened to him and left the physical education teacher out of the wedding.

Currently, the former member of “Los Little Monkeys” is walking through different television programs and He assured that he did not like how Juan was playing. Nonetheless, the taxi driver was the last one removed from the house of ” Big Brother” Y He was sorry for his behavior.

Juan at the gala of ' <a href=Big Brother’ after its removal.” data-height=”419″ data-size=”w:1920,h:1080″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www. cronica.com.ar/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/11/17/juan_en_la_gala_de_xgran_hermanox_luego_de_su_eliminacixn.jpg_366287663.jpg” title=”Juan at the ‘Big Brother’ gala after his elimination.” vspace=”5″>
Juan at the “Big Brother” gala after his elimination.

Anyway, the current eliminated will have the possibility of re-entering the house of ” Big Brother” since they will carry out a repechage. At the moment it is unknown when it will take place.

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