Julian Weigl + Sarah Richmond: The football star says "Yes" – in an unusual look

Julian Weigl + Sarah Richmond
Romantic dream wedding on Mallorca

Julian Weigl and Sarah Richmond

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Footballers Julian Weigl and Sarah Richmond had to wait three years for this moment, now they have finally said yes to their loved ones. In Mallorca, the two married for the second time. This time in a larger group – and the kicker in a quite unusual look.

You did it again. Julian Weigl, 26, and Sarah Richmond, 24, have married again. On the Balearic island of Mallorca, the couple said yes at the weekend. And finally they could get married exactly as they had always dreamed of.

Julian Weigl and Sarah Richmond celebrate their second wedding

Julian and Sarah said yes for the first time on September 8, 2020, but due to the corona pandemic only a few family members could be there at the time. The celebrations were all the bigger and pompous. In Mallorca, the couple said yes to each other, and of course their daughter Bruna Marie, 1, was there too. On Instagram, the bridal couple shows beautiful impressions of the special celebration. It becomes clear: Julian and Sarah are on cloud nine. The two celebrated their wedding in front of a lush flower arch in the romantic setting of a Mediterranean church. And wore quite unusual outfits.

Julian marries in green

The soccer player in particular had chosen a quite extraordinary look for the most beautiful day of his life. He steps in front of the wedding speaker in a dark green suit with patent leather loafers, a white shirt and a striped tie. Sarah chose a long, bohemian-style, off-the-shoulder dress with a transparent boned bodice that is embroidered all over with lace. In addition, she wears an overlong veil, also made of lace, in her hair, which is strictly pinned back.

Prominent Guest List

In addition to the families and friends of the newlyweds, some celebrity colleagues were also present, including celebrity brokers Marcel Remus and Scarlett Gartmann.


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