Julia Vignali dropped at the start of the holidays: the host tells how she bounced back!

“There are a lot of things that make me happy. Waking up early in the morning, having a wonderful lover…”. This is what Julia Vignali confessed to Laurent Ruquier, in the TV kids on France 2, on January 9th. The TV host, formerly at the helm of “Best Pastry Chef” rises now to find Thomas Sotto and animate “Telematin”.

Romantic holidays for 7 years

And when she is not in the offices of France Télévisions, Julia Vignali likes to spend her holidays with her man, actor Kad Merad, whom she has loved for 7 years. At Télé Star, she explains this week that every summer, she likes to leave “romantic” with him. In a second time, they leave”between friends”as evidenced by a souvenir photo where she is “having a barbecue for his friends in his country house”.

Julia Vignali, who admits to being “a poor cook”nevertheless takes advantage of the holidays to “treat your friends by having barbecues because it’s simple”. And to add: “The only question that is debating is: Should we pierce the sausages or not?

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Finally, the paf star likes to end the summer “alone with her son in a European capital for a few days”. A tradition since he was little, which has taken them to Amsterdam, Venice, Rome and Brussels already and which will take them to London this year.

“The best vacation of my life”

It was not always so for Julia Vignali… The host indeed says that her best vacation dates from a time when Kad Merad was not yet in her life. She admits: “The best vacations are always those where the unexpected comes to the fore”. And to remember a friend who had it “planted in the queue of a car rental company to join a guy she had just met“.

Never dropped, Julia Vignali improvised! She says thus: “finally, I took the car and I stopped according to my desires and I made superb encounters. I lost a girlfriend but I won the best vacation of my life!”


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