Julia Paredes (moms and famous): her son Vittorio badly criticized on Instagram, she pushes a big rant

A few days ago, Julia Paredes unveiled new family photos with Maxime and internet users loved it. After a separation, Luna and Vittorio’s parents got back together and are now happier than ever in Dubai, where they have settled. And if all is well for the candidate of Moms and Famous, November 16, 2021, some came to spoil his happiness. Indeed, under a photo in which we see her leaning all smiles above her little boy installed in his deckchair, several people have dared to criticize the physique of her baby, which made him go off his hinges.

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In his Instagram story, Julia Paredes gave a big rant: “I blocked some people under this post and it did me a lot of good! And those who dare to criticize a baby shame on you. Damn but if I had you in front of me … Look at you and take care of your life already it will be good! “. In the comments, she also wrote: “Some people annoy me! They should look at themselves before they speak and shame on them for talking about a child like this”.

Julia Paredes’ Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @julia_paredes_off

The 32-year-old doesn’t let herself be stepped on and sticks out her claws when people prey on her children. From now on, all those who want to attack her or who disrespect her will be blocked in order to have peace … In the rest of the news people, know that Martika from Moms and Famous organized an incredible party for the 2 years of his daughter Mia.

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