Julia Paredes (Moms and famous): Her children criticized, she makes an update and takes a radical decision

Julia Paredes’ son Vittorio has been criticized on Instagram and the candidate for the Moms and Famous show has given a big rant. After that, the young woman wanted to take a break on social networks and did not post anything before making her return on November 18, 2021, more recovered than ever. In her story, the latter first explained why she needed to cut everything and then wanted to make a development. To begin with, she first addressed everyone who has come after her little boy and said: “No my son is not overweight, he is very good, he is very handsome”.

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Julia Paredes and her children – Credit (s): Instagram julia_paredes_off

Then, Julia Paredes let it be known that she had made a radical decision: “For the moment, I don’t want to show my children in photos or videos at all. I’m really sorry for those who follow me on a daily basis, who like to see my family and all, but there really is that to me. swelled “. She followed this up by defending Luna, who too is targeted by hate messages because of her behavior in the episodes of Moms and Famous, and reminded viewers that they don’t see everything and that her daughter is different on a daily basis and that she is not a spoiled child.

I am a simple mother, who shares moments with her children

Finally, the 32-year-old mom opened up about her job and denied rumors of scams with her product placements before concluding: “I show you everything, I’m cool, I show my daily life, I’m a simple mother, who shares moments with her children, who likes to share them with you because I find it so cute (…) So that they make me this kind of reflections clearly it swelled me “. In the rest of the news, Emilie Fiorelli is sublime in these photos thanks to her look that was unanimous.

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