Judicial setback for Dalma and Gianinna: Matías Morla and Diego Maradona’s sisters recovered the former footballer’s social networks

After several months of judicial struggle, The United States Court ruled in favor of Matías Morla and Diego Maradona’s sisters, who recovered the former soccer player’s social networks. It is for this reason that the heirs must return Facebook, Instagram and stop promoting Maradona brand products.

For now, the only one who spoke out against this new measure was Verónica Ojeda on behalf of Dieguito Fernando. The former partner of the soccer player made a post on her social networks expressing her position on the matter.

In the meantime, dalma Y Gianinna Maradona they didn’t publish anything about it the whole family is excited about Azul’s arrival. As time goes by, the sisters will make their opinion known as they always have.

Likewise, Matías Morla and Claudia Villafañe’s sisters-in-law did not talk about the subject once the United States Court has ruled in your favor. Just as neither did Diego Maradona Jr.who is in Europe.

Matías Morla with Diego Maradona’s sisters.

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