Juanita Solis, Eva Longoria’s daughter in Desperate Housewives unrecognizable: her impressive physical transformation

It was May 13, 2012. A few months after the supposed end of the world, Desperate Housewives delivered its last episode after eight seasons that kept millions of viewers in suspense. These same viewers who said goodbye to Gabrielle Solis, interpreted by Eva Longoria, Bree Van de Kamp, Lynette Scavo, or even Susan Delfino. Not to mention the many children of the most famous housewives who lived in Wisteria Lane and in particular Juanita Solis, played by Madison De La Garza.

Since the end of filming, each of the actors has participated in other projects and have experienced some upheavals in their private lives. Like Eva Longoria who separated from Tony Parker. The French NBA star and the beautiful actress made the choice to separate in 2010, two years before the end of the series, after several years of living together. Despite this separation, the actress does not want her ex, far from it. She proved it, moreover, on the set of CNN when discussing her relationship with him.

Radical change

“It was heartbreaking… This is my first time talking about this, I’m sorry. It was disappointing because I had an identity, I was Mrs. Parker and a wife. And when you take that away, you say to yourself: ‘Who am I?’ It was hard !”She confided to Piers Morgan before bursting into tears and adding: “He’s not a bad person. He wanted something else and I can’t hate him for it… […] I will never speak publicly about what happened, the reasons for our divorce, because I love him!”.

If Eva Longoria has since found love again, what about her daughter in Desperate Housewives. If we don’t know if Madison De La Garza is currently in a relationship, we can be sure of one thing. The young girl has grown up and has completely changed. Considered too strong at the time of filming, and receiving many criticisms for her weight, the young woman took her revenge as evidenced by her physical transformation that you can find in our slideshow. A nice revenge to silence the gossips.

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