Juan Minujín, sincere about the recording of "The fringe": "it was a scum"

“The Fringe” caused great success with its fifth and final season. After a great wait on the part of the followers, they could be seen in Netflix the episodes that close the story that began in June 2016.

As a result of the premiere of the new installment, Juan Minujin, one of the protagonists, participated in the podcast of the streaming platform in Argentina. There he was honest about some issues related to the series, including the recording sets.

Very relaxed, the actor commented between laughs: You had to mark the floor and you didn’t put a tape, you spat. It was all a scum. In addition, she delved into what she experienced on the set of “The Fringe”: “It was the opposite of a studio, everyone smoking everywhere. We ate and cleaned ourselves in the clothes“.

Juan Minujín with Nicolás Furtado in the recordings of “El Marginal”.

What could be marked as one of the keys to the success of the Argentine production, was highlighted by Minujín himself. “You lay down to rest on the cots that we later used for the recording”he recalled along with the mention of the spirit that he had together with his colleagues to achieve a successful product.

See what Juan Minujín said about the recordings of “El Marginal”

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