Juan Martín del Potro seeks to detach himself from his father’s debts: the evidence

A few days ago, the news came out that Juan Martín del Potro had not had a good relationship with his father and he was currently accumulating debts that he had left behind before he passed away. Faced with this, the athlete was running out of money to live and is not practicing his profession due to a complicated injury.

Faced with the repercussion that the topic had, the tennis player decided to take out a document trying to detach from the economic problems that had left Daniel del Potro. “Through this document, Juan Martín del Potro blames his father”, began by saying Karina Mazzocco in “In the afternoon”.

“In quantity, it has 8 cases substantiated with the respective seizures. In one, the document where What Juan Martín del Potro says is ‘I have no responsibility for debts and commitments acquired by my father, Daniel del Potro'”, added information louis ventura.

Faced with this, despite the multiple causes that the tennis player is having to face, trying not to keep paying and getting into debt with judgments that would correspond to his father.

Juan Martín del Potro with his father, Daniel.

“It is seized regarding a family relationship where what Juan Martín did was put distance with respect to two irresponsible even, in some cases even irregular perpetrated by their father”, ended by saying Luis Ventura.

Watch the video where Luis Ventura shows Juan Martín del Potro’s document to get rid of his father’s debts!

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