Juan Martín Del Potro and an unknown fanaticism for "Almost angels": "He walked on set and grabbed the …"

Juan Martin del Potro toured the world thanks to his career as a tennis player. However, sport is not his only passion and in “In the afternoon” they revealed an unpublished story that includes it. In the midst of the scandal over the debts that his father left him when he died, Augusto “Tartu” Tartúfoli showed a little-known side of the athlete.

When Juan Martín del Potro comes to visit Telefe, everyone came to visit the house of ‘Big Brother’, and we took him to tour the facilities. The set of ‘Almost Angels was set up‘”, started.

Juan Martín entered the set of ‘Almost Angeles’, she grabbed her breast (and says) ‘This was the room of Cielito, Emilia Attias’ character. He had already won the US Open. I was going to tell it because … Why is it so childish?“continued” Tartu. “

Finally, he concluded that at that time, “all he needed was to maintain his lifestyle with the money he needed to go buy something, because his mind was not focused on doing business“.

This information was given in the framework of the millionaire debts that the tennis player has, most of them contracted by his father, while he managed the money from his sports victories and contracts with brands and made investments on his own.

Watch the video of the anecdote of Juan Martín del Potro visiting the set of “Casi Ángeles”!

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