Juan José Camero revealed that he is going blind: "The mist covered my eyes"

At 78 years old, Juan José Camero shared on his networks that he was diagnosed with a type of blindness. The renowned actor announced the news on his Facebook page, and He gave details to his followers about his condition and the difficult moment he is experiencing.

I will try to be brief and explain how best I can do it. The truth is that I was delaying the decision to share with you my current reality (…) Perhaps many have already noticed it, given my difficulty in writing and the times I am forced to correct. I don’t know why I delayed in revealing this truth, nor why today and not before, I dedicate myself to doing it“, begins the text he posted.

In this way, he explained what he is suffering: The mist covered my eyes. Other things happen to other people, this happened to me. I can’t read or write like I used to. I tried everything that can be done so far, for years. When I started with this difficulty, I went through it with the hope of endless treatments, but they did not prosper”.

Juan José Camero announced that he is going blind.

I must say that my blindness is not total, I don’t need to touch a face to know what it is like. I can walk around my house without tripping and lean out the window and see, albeit dimly,” He added about his health problem.

Then the protagonist of “Nazareno Cruz and the Wolf”, popular movie Leonardo Favio, delved into the condition that afflicts him, and indicated that the loss of vision is partial.

The text published by Juan José Camero.

“The countless competent professionals I consulted, whom I thank for their painstaking and profound dedication, determined and agreed that I only have 10% vision capacity, Which is almost, and I’m sorry to say this, a semi-blindness. The pathology is called bilateral maculopathy. I don’t feel like being the champion of misfortune, nor the standard-bearer of human pain.”he expressed.

“The diagnosis, according to hundreds of professionals I attend, have concluded that it is absolutely irreversible“, concluded.

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