Joy Hallyday, a difficult mourning: Johnny’s youngest daughter makes a most moving announcement a few meters from the rocker’s grave!

The youngest of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday has never been talked about as much as in recent weeks… The reason? Via her Instagram account where she has nearly 25,000 subscribers, the teenager of only 13 years old is lynched with each ambiguous publication.

Controversies which fortunately do not prevent Jade Hallyday’s little sister from living her life and continuing to share snippets of her daily life with her followers… The proof, this Wednesday, July 20, 2022, Joy Hallyday published a photo of her aboard a plane while you could see an island in the distance in the middle of turquoise water. A post that the young girl took the time to geolocate in Saint-Barthélemy… So, after the south of France and Greece, the little family decided to go back to basics!

A trip that necessarily has a particular taste for the Hallyday clan given that it is a Saint-Barth that Johnny Hallyday is buried, facing the sea, as he wished.

As a reminder, on January 15, 2020, THE coffin of Johnny Hallyday was transferred to a family vault in the marine cemetery of Lorient. “The steps were taken professionally, in accordance with his wishes. I thank with all my heart all those who contributed to it, ”said Laeticia Hallyday.

“It was Johnny, who on several occasions expressed to me his wish to be buried in Saint-Barth, in the Lorient cemetery and to have his family vault there. By wanting to build the vault, Laeticia only respected the choice her husband had made. confided in turn Bruno Magras, president of the community of Saint-Barth to Gala.

During this trip to Saint-Barth, it is therefore a safe bet that the little family will gather at Johnny’s grave…

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Lisa Ziane

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