Jovanotti attacks the “econazis” after the accusations about the concerts on the beach: “I am disgusted by those who use the word ‘greenwash’, put the hashtags in them where you know” – Video

“Come and see, here we do everything in order. The Jova Beach Party it does not endanger any ecosystem. We not only clean up the beaches, but we bring them back to a better level than we found them ”. To say it, in a video message posted on their social networks, it is Jovanotti, from Lido di Fermo, after four companies were suspended for illegal labor. The singer lashed out at what he himself defines “Econazis”: “This is not a ‘greenwash’ project, this word makes me shit. As well as it makes me sick whoever pronounces itit’s a hashtag, and you know where you need to put hashtags ”.


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