Journalist says that Simaria Mendes fell in love with her sister’s husband: "Betrayal"

Some time ago the sisters Simone and Simaria, from the country duo, are not getting along very well and a series of controversies have emerged on social networks about fights and the end of the musical partnership. During this Saturday (06/08), the journalist Thiago Sodré assured that you know the reason for everything.

According to him, who currently works in the area of ​​celebrities and runs a web page on the subjects, the supposed pivot of all the fights would be that Simaria Mendes fell in love with the businessman. Kaka Diniz, husband of Simone Mendes. Simaria has been single since she divorced Vicente Escrig and the country girl would be falling in love with her brother-in-law, which made Simone angry.

“I can’t understand why. Why don’t people say the real reason for the fight between the sisters Simone and Simaria? It’s so clear, it’s so there in everyone’s face. I’ll sell it to you soon, since nobody wants to talk, since the press doesn’t want to say about it. It’s clear, it’s betrayal! Look, you can see that the sisters are not getting along and it’s a love betrayal”, revealed Thiago in a video released on the internet.

Knowing that Simaria is single, Thiago Sodré decided to clarify the story at once: “Simaria unfortunately with Kaká Diniz, the two could not understand each other. Simone ended up getting pissed off with this whole story. Simaria fell in love. She was single, alone and needy”.

“Why not say that? That the duo is over, it’s over. They can’t overcome this trauma and they couldn’t get over it. This duo won’t exist anymore. finished the journalist.

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